PAM01661 Panerai Luminor Marina Carbotech 44mm Blends Old And New

There are few brands that can lay claim to a following as fervent as the Paneristi. A group of watch lovers so passionate, they spawned their own, official model. As a publication with some experience of the same, we have to say this: Respect where respect is due. Panerai, after all these years, continues to keep an old design fresh. With the new PAM01661, Luminor Marina gets a taste of Carbotech.The Panerai Luminor Marina is a classic. No doubt about it. The Luminor range was created in 1950, but didnt go on sale to the public until 1993. When it did, the Luminor Marina joined the collection and has been a fan favorite ever since. The fact that for so much of the brands history its watches were simply unavailable for general purchase probably has a lot to do with the levels of hysteria were used to seeing every time a new reference drops.A lot of the time with Panerai watches, the changes are subtle. Here, though, the whole body of the Luminor Marina is made from Panerais special Carbotech material and brought to life by bright flashes of blue on the dial, hands, and strap stitching.The first timeReference revelers will like this model, as its the first time this collection has seen the combination of Carbotech and the sandwich dial (modernized here with that dynamic blue). Its these micro-firsts that really get the Paneristi going. Like fans of old-school Submariners chewing over dial misprints, oddly-faded bezel inserts, or seemingly incongruous hand/dial combos, these little details stoke the fires of desire.Approximately one-third of the weight of an Omega Ploprof.As dimensionally imposing as the 44mm case is, it actually wears very well. This is thanks in (very) large part to the remarkable lightness of Carbotech. At just 96 grams, this watch is approximately one-third of the weight of an Omega Ploprof. So how does Panerai do it?CarbotechCarbotech is formed by stacking layers of carbon fiber on top of one another, alternating the grain each time. This mega sandwich of carbon is then pressurized at a high temperature, while fuzed together with?a binding matrix based on PEEK (polyether Ether Ketone). Thats the kind of stuff youd expect to find holding a Space shuttle together. Or, at least, youd hope toBecause of this irregular structure each piece made from Carbotech entirely unique. Additionally, these cases are very strong. They are able to withstand shocks from any angle, as the impact is dissipated throughout the cases molecular structure.Built by PaneraiInside reference PAM01661 is the P.9010 caliber, created by Panerai in its Neuchatel manufacture. As this century wears on, Panerai seems to be more and more concerned with slimming down its pieces. Such a task obviously begins with the movement. The P.9010 is just 6mm thick and lends itself to more wearable timepieces. The quick-set hour hand is linked to the date mechanism for rapid adjustment. And despite the movements slimness, there is room enough for twin barrels that kick out a very much appreciated 3-day power reserve.Perfectly suited to extreme environments.This sporty Luminor Marina watch is water-resistant to 300 meters. A?Panerai Sportech strap is the perfect partner for this watch. It is a water-resistant rubber material that is as comfortable as it is practical. The Panerai Luminor Marina Carbotech (PAM01661) will retail for a surprisingly attainable 12,500. To learn more, visit Panerais official site here.

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